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Some information about this unit

The AOR ARD9000 Digital Voice Interface

lets you explore the world of digital communications with your existing transceiver.

This device uses the same audio frequencies (300 - 2500 Hz) as microphone audio..

The open published (G4GUO) digital protocol means use of the ARD9000 is permitted on the U.S.. amateur bands..

The ARD9000 automatically recognizes incoming digital signals and starts decoding those signals immediately..

Enjoy near-FM quality audio using SSB! And the best news is that you keep your ability to communicate in conventional analog mode as you can easily shift between digital and analog operation. .

No rig modifications are required. .

The ARD9000 is also fully compatible with the ARD9800. .

The ARD9000 even comes with a PTT hand mic. .

Adjust the level via the front panel. .

The ARD9000 comes with speaker mic, speaker cable, DC power cable, magnetic mount base and 8 pin metal plug..

You simply make connection to your transceiver's mic input and speaker output.


AOR ARD-9000

AOR set the pace in this breakthrough technology with its ARD9800. Now, in response to worldwide demand, AOR has developed the ARD9000 which makes digital voice communications even more affordable.

AOR's digital voice technology delivers audio quality you have to hear to believe. Whether you are working digital voice across state lines or across an ocean, amazing doesn't seem strong enough to describe it.

With an ARD9000, it's easy to convert existing HF analog transceivers to work digital voice with NO transceiver modifications. The ARD9000 automatically detects a digital signal and decodes it, so you also maintain full analog capabilities. Whether a contact comes in as digital or analog, the ARD9000 can handle it.

Optional Cables to connect to transceivers are $39 each.

Please specify Transceiver model and mic connection type when ordering.

Main Features:

- No transceiver modifications necessary

- Digital voice communications using existing analog transceivers.

- Amazing Audio Quality.

- Works on Single Side Band (SSB) mode.

- Automatic digital receive.

- Optional interface cables for most popular transceivers.

- Built-in high grade Vocoder (AMBE)

- Built-in FEC error correction.

- Compact unit. Easy to operate.

- Utilizes a uniquely designed high performance DSP engine.

- Uses the established G4GUO open protocol.


Modulation method: OFDM

Band width: 300 Hz - 2500 Hz, 36 carriers.

Symbol Rate: 20 mS (50 baud)

Guard interval: 4mS

Tone steps: 62.5 Hz

Modulation method: 36 carriers: DQPSK (3.6K)

AFC: +/- 125 Hz

Error correction: Voice: Golay + Hamming.

Header: 1 Sec. 3 tones + BPSK training pattern for synchronization.

Digital voice: AMBE coder, decoder.

Signal detection: Automatic Digital detect, Automatic switching

between analog mode and digital mode.

Power requirements: 10 ~ 16 V DC, Approximately 100 mA Typ(@ 12 V DC)

6 V DC by internal jumper setting.

Dimensions (w, h, d): 70 x 33 x 98 (mm) or 2.8 x 1.3 x 3.9 (inches) (Projections excluded.).

Connectors: Radio: Microphone output (level adjustable)

Speaker input (200 mV ~ 5 V p-p), External Speaker Output

DC Input Connectors

Speaker Microphone (with PTT).

Others: Force Synchronization Switch


Soon we will test the AOR9000 here ............ reports will follow.

in the meantime there is a newer version ... MKII and even MKIII

this is a very hard to purchase unit even through the official channels.